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    Test Requirement
    Deal with many types of test requirements
    The test covers all walks of life. The current test project has been expanded to 148 parameters in 23 major categories, including environmental reliability testing of electronic and electrical products; environmental reliability testing and transportation safety testing of electronic communication products; environmental reliability of home appliances Test and transportation safety test; performance test of various packaging materials; full test of international transportation safety (ISTA).
    High Standards Of Test Quality
    Strict testing system
    The laboratory has China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (CNAS) and the national metrology accreditation certificate (CMA), in full accordance with international standards ISO / IEC17025: 2005 "General requirements for testing and calibration laboratories" to manage and run , with the qualification to issue a fair test report to the society.
    Variety Of Products
    First class service experience
    Annual customer service satisfaction remained at above 95% for the company's overall customer service system, technical capacity, and prices are higher satisfaction. The company provides customers with not only test evaluation, but also communicates relevant test content with customers in a timely manner, discusses the defects found during the test process, and gives customers reasonable suggestions to improve the packaging to save the development cycle. Reduce product breakage rate and increase product added value.
    Professional Team
    Professional testing team
    With 10 years of experience in the test team, the laboratory is now divided into electrical and electronic environmental reliability testing laboratory, packaging materials laboratory, the mechanical reliability of laboratory environment, printing and packaging joint testing laboratory, commissioned the year more than 4,000 times, detect More than 10,000 items.
    Enterprise Strength
    Strong corporate strength
    With over 4,000 square meters testing laboratories, covering Shenzhen, Dongguan, amounted to 400 times the average monthly detection. The company also has various types of research and research base, the national high-tech enterprises and other certificates to ensure that the company has specialized technical competence.
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